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Ziplines in Rome, Georgia

Daredevil Ziplines of Rome, Georgia, is a new form of zipline excitement for the southeast.  It is an action adventure park based on ziplines and their many uses all packed with adrenaline excitement.  We offer a variety of thrill rides from very fast to inverted.  Since we also have a 20-acre lake our rides like the new Z-Hawk are beyond compare and incredibly popular.  We also offer varying degrees of obstacles in our zipline courses which are both guided or self-guided (if you have the ability).  New rides and zipline courses are being added frequently.  We provide a unique and fun experience, combining thrilling excitement with supervision and safety.

It's finally here!!

New Thrill Ride!


Higher, longer,and even more exciting zipline.

The Z-Hawk sweeps you down from the Hawk's Nest platform and sends you diving down over the water like a Hawk.

It joins our Dare Ya! thrill ride as a true adrenoline rush that is beyond compare.







Our signature thrill ride, Dare Ya!, hurls you downhill 600 feet out over a lake at speeds of approximately 50 mph.  Suddenly, you encounter our unique bungee braking system which catapults you back across the lake after which you cruise in for a gentle landing. 


This intermediate zipline allows two people to race off the launch and down the wire. It starts and ends with a ground launch and landing. This line is 500 feet long, and attains exciting speeds of over 40 mph. There are multiple landing options: the rope ladder catch-and-climb, the slanted platform landing, or a simple assisted dismount.

Aerial Challenge

This area includes a European style aerial challenge course. It has a suspended log walk, ladders,  swinging bridges, a swinging-to-swing crossing, rope walks, and ziplining from tree platform to tree platform (a total of 21 runs).


Ever since we first opened, everyone has been asking us to build a zipline that goes all the way over our 20-acre lake.  Well, it's here. Wow! What a ride it is! If you have ever watched a hawk diving down to swoop up his prey and wondered what that would be like, now you can experience that same flight. 






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